What If...

Another police shooting in Minnesota of a black man, this time by a veteran female police officer mistakenly thinking she was deploying her Taser when, in fact, it was her sidearm. Daunte Wright died after being accidentally shot by Officer Kimberly Potter.

Now begins the circus of politicians and liberal media screaming out about the life of another innocent unarmed black man being taken by a white police officer. If the officer had been black (as was the officer who attempted to handcuff Wright) or Latino it would still be racism because, according to the left, law enforcement agencies are racist institutions and the ethnicity of officers is insignificant since they become racist by virtue of working as a law enforcement officer. When white people are accidentally shot under the same circumstances there are no race-baiting postulations, regardless of the officer's ethnicity.

There has been talk about the reason for the traffic stop of Daunte Wright, which was the expired license plate on his car. Critics say that the DMV in Minnesota is way behind on issuing new stickers because of Covid and, therefore, Wright never should have been pulled over. The Wright family, however, stated in an interview that Daunte bought the car two weeks earlier. Did it have expired plates when he purchased it? Did the plates expire after he purchased it? Was any paperwork done to get new plates from DMV? Is there any paperwork at all regarding the transaction? None of these questions are relevant to politicians or media fanning the flames of civil unrest. All that needs to be said is that Wright was pulled over because he was guilty of DWB: Driving While Black.

Here's what isn't being asked:

Why did Wright attempt to flee? Was it the arrest warrant for failure to appear on a felony charge of attempted robbery where he beat and choked a woman while holding a gun to her head and threatening to kill her if she didn't give him money? And why does beating and choking a woman while holding a gun to her head sound familiar? Oh, that's right, George Floyd did the same thing, only in his moment of glory the woman he beat was pregnant and Floyd threatened not only to kill her if she didn't give him money and drugs, but her unborn child as well.

Right about now, if you're a progressive liberal, your panties are in a wad because your mind has been trained to interpret any statement of facts regarding criminals of color by a white man, especially a retired white cop, as racism. Allow me to disabuse you of that notion. What Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd was criminal and he is on trial for it, and I believe the shooting of Daunte Wright should be investigated and presented to a grand jury. Any cop that makes a mistake that costs a person his or her life, no matter how big of a thug that person was, needs to be brought before the criminal justice system for review. See how that attitude differs from Cori Booker, AOC, and that other Squad member Rashida Tlaib, who believe that all cops are racist and there are no accidental shootings of black men?

What If....

...Wright doesn't struggle with police and cooperates? Is he alive today?Of course he is, and none of this would have happened. No shooting, no death, no ruined lives, no burning cities, no looted stores.

At what point in this country do we begin holding people who create these types of scenarios accountable for their actions? At what point do we, as a society, stop making excuses for bad behavior and blaming authority figures for the end result? At what point do we demand individual accountability and stop martyring bad people? At what point do we admit that resisting arrest, assaulting officers, and running from the police are not constitutional rights, but crimes?

Remember a few years ago in Minneapolis when that black police officer of Somali descent shot and killed the white woman who had called for the police because of suspicious activity in the alleyway behind her home? He said it was an accidental shooting, but he went to prison for that. Remember how Cori Booker, AOC, and Tlaib protested about the injustice done to that victim and labeled the officer's actions as racist? I don't either.


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