We Elected Them...

You gotta love New Mexico politicians. The legislative session has finished and our elected geniuses accomplished three major goals: the elimination of qualified immunity for public officials (cops & teachers being the primary targets); legalized marijuana possession; and elimination of the ever-dangerous mini, you know those miniatures most of us use for stocking stuffers during the holidays for friends and relatives who like to drink.

The elimination of qualified immunity was speciously labeled the New Mexico Civil Rights Act. It was brought to the table by three lawyers who make a living suing people. Apparently, in their collective opinions, existing law raised the bar too high when it came to filing lawsuits for alleged violations of rights. That bar had to be lowered several notches to accommodate hurt feelings and whiners in general . I'm not sure if the bar is still off the ground, but even if it is a mere raising of the foot to step over will suffice in bringing cases to an already overburdened judiciary.

The politicians who introduced this want you to believe that cops have acted with impunity for decades without consequences, but failed to address why it is that cops get terminated for wrongdoing, criminally charged, and sometimes locked up. With respect to educators, I fully expect to see lawsuits filed for violations of civil rights because somebody's little monster failed all of his school courses and/or was expelled for misbehavior. Remember, whatever happens on the street or in the classroom is not failed parenting, it's the fault of the system.

Legalized marijuana and the elimination of miniature alcoholic beverages was a nice one-two punch from the brain surgeons that pushed that legislation through. Essentially, our elected officials are telling us that 1.7 ounces of alcohol in a miniature bottle is dangerous, but 2 ounces of pot in your possession is okay.

You can't make this kind of stuff up. Wowsa! Your tax dollars at work!!!


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