Transgender, Cisgender And The World Today

I learned a new word this week: cisgender.

I discovered it in an article about a student at Oberlin College in Ohio who was upset that a radiator was going to be installed in his room, and the work would most likely be done by cisgender men. The radiator was necessary because of the onset of cold weather. The student was upset that there was only 24 hour notice given that cisgender men would be working in his room, and wondered why the work wasn't done over the summer.

Oberlin is a liberal arts college with a tuition of $80,000 per year. The work was to be done in a dorm at Oberlin called Baldwin Cottage, which houses 30 students and is a "safe space" for anyone who identifies as female or transgender, regardless of race, nationality, religion, assigned sex, or sexual orientation.

You've probably guessed by now that the offended party identifies as transgender. A cisgender person is one who identifies with the sex with which they were born.

Curious about the etymology of cisgender, I discovered that the phrase was coined in 1994 by a German sexologist. Apparently, "cis" is derived from Latin, meaning on this side of. It is the antonym of "trans", which means on the other side of. In 2015 the word cisgender was added to dictionaries. From what I can determine, and there are any number of articles available online with varying historical reference, the term transgender first came about in 1933 in the Chicago Tribune to describe a gay rights march in Washington, D.C. I also found reference to the term "transvestite"coming about in the early 20th century.

On top of all that, and depending on what research engine one employs, there are anywhere from 54 to 76 gender identities! And multiple identities can be used by a person who is self-identifying, as in feeling different about their sexual identity at any given time of the day, week, or month! I had no idea!

How does this apply to my favorite subjects, police officers and policing?

When I was a young cop responding to calls for service there were any number of dispatches in a given eight-hour shift for domestics. Sometimes those domestics involved gays, lesbians or transgenders. As difficult to believe as it may seem, gays and lesbians in domestic situations invariably argue about the same stuff as straight people, as do transgenders. With the transgenders, it was obvious to me that there was sexual identity confusion. Every transgender I dealt with felt they were either a woman trapped in a man's body or a man trapped in a woman's body. Most were interested in transgender surgery but could not afford the expense. I recall several men who had received the hormonal injections that gave them breasts and women who had taken male hormonal drugs to manage menstrual cycles and estrogen levels.

I cannot imagine being a cop today and trying to memorize 76 different possibilities for gender identity. Sex and gender differ, according to the World Health Organization, in that sex is described as characteristics that are biologically defined while gender is based on socially constructed features. College professors ask students to advise them on what pronoun they identify as and address students accordingly. Confused? Join the club.

Perhaps I'm too old school, but the fact remains that there is not a human being on this earth today who did not spring forth from a woman. The egg from which that child was formed was fertilized by a sperm and genetics came into play. And no matter how many men or women have surgery that changes the plumbing down there nothing will ever alter the biological facts of the human body. Men will never bear children and women will never fertilize an egg. Don't misunderstand me, I believe that humans are born with the sexuality that they carry into adulthood; in other words, I believe that people don't become gay or lesbian or straight or transgender, they are born that way. There are any number of arguments against that belief but none of them will ever change my mind.

"Socially constructed features" have gone so overboard that we now have any number of identities at any given time of the day for anyone who feels like they want to be different. We used to call those "mood swings." There is a very simple formula for correcting gender identity confusion: look between your legs and see what the equipment is. Unless you are a hermaphrodite, you are man or woman. If you tell me that you feel the opposite of what the plumbing diagram says you are, I believe you. But until the plumbing is changed, you be what you be. And if you are transgender and can afford the surgery, I hope it makes you happy and leads to great things in your life. But 76 different identities? That's just more liberal BS being shoved down the American public's throat by people who want to accommodate anyone and everyone who wants to be different.


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