Things Are Getting Stupid

I prefer to limit my blog to police-related incidents, but I feel compelled to put in my two cents regarding the overreactions of politicians in addressing Covid. Before I begin, let me make one point about holding an elected office: the only qualification one needs is to get more votes than the equally moronic SOB that you are running against. There is no written exam, no interview, no psychological, no lie detector, and no background investigation (you know, like what prospective candidates for a police academy must endure). All you need are more votes than your opponent.

We all know how our governor overreacted to a spike in Covid several days ago when she shut down two Las Cruces grocery stores and a restaurant because four employees within a two-week period had tested positive for the virus at each location. The penalty was a two-week shutdown. The Sun-News reported that it sent journalists to each location to ask the managers for their opinions on being forced to close, and none of them were aware of the governor's actions. The state responded that they were in the process of sending emails to the businesses and would send someone in an official capacity to deliver a written notification. Apparently, the press release showing how the governor could flex her political muscle took priority over any common sense and courtesy.

There are what, eleven grocery stores in Las Cruces? Four Walmarts, three Albertsons, two Lowes, one SaveMart and Toucans. The gov shut down an Albertsons and Walmart, both of which service thousands of people daily, and during the Thanksgiving holiday to boot, thus forcing people who would normally shop at these locations to go elsewhere. Why two weeks? Nobody seems to know. The answer I hear most often is that two weeks is the timeframe for Covid to run its course. Okay, let's go with that logic. Send the sick employees home for at least two weeks and let them return to work when healthy. Why shut down the whole store? Stores can be sanitized. They can be shutdown for as long as it takes to be sanitized, and customers allowed back in.

Several months ago, when Covid cases started slowing, medical experts warned that come winter, i.e. flu season, Covid cases would spike. This is the spike of which they spoke. It was expected and hospitals had months to prepare. To cry out that the sky is falling and we must run for shelter is ignoring the science.

Where is the city council and mayor on this? Are they sticking up for the Las Crucens who voted them into office? Are they decrying the gov's actions? Where are the elected NM House & Senate reps? Are they making noise about the decision? Is anyone saying how illogical the gov's actions are? No, they are not and they will not. No one dares make a move against the party. If one wishes to advance politically in the future one must toe the company line and give full support to the party, or else.

Apparently, shutting down almost one-fifth of a city's grocery stores just before Thanksgiving, and making people stand in line for an hour and a half just to get in to do some shopping, is more logical than sanitizing stores and allowing them to reopen. According to the gov, anyway, but remember that people with Covid are still going to shop. They may not know they have Covid, or they could be sick but have no one else in their household who can shop for them. So whether two grocery stores are closed or ten, people are still going to shop for food.

My solution to political stupidity is summed up in two words: El Paso. Rather than stand in line for 1.5 hours just to get in the doors, I drove 35 minutes to a grocery store, shopped, and was home long before I would have been otherwise.

Happy Thanksgiving and stay healthy.


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