The Rittenhouse Verdict

This case was about much more than a seventeen year-old juvenile tried as an adult for shooting his attackers in self-defense. The prosecution claimed that Rittenhouse was the instigator and that the three men who attacked him were "heroes." One of those three "heroes" was a convicted felon with mental issues who had spent time in prison and had a violent past, another had a record of domestic violence and a third was armed with a Glock pistol which he pointed at Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges after a jury heard and saw video evidence of the incident over a two-week period.

Say what you will about a juvenile male traveling 17 miles from his home in Illinois to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to defend the city where his father lives after domestic terrorists rioted and destroyed parts of the city following the shooting of Jacob Blake by local police (I could call those domestic terrorists "protesters" but that would be a misclassification of their intent and purpose. Protestors do not burn and loot). Poor judgment on the part of Kyle Rittenhouse? Perhaps, but is sound, rational judgment always expected from a seventeen year-old kid? No. Should it be enough to convict him of murder? Absolutely not. Should his mother have played a larger parenting role and tried to prevent her son from diving headlong into a situation with a significant potential for violence? She has said she did not know where he was going and had she known she would have done everything possible to dissuade him from participating.

Liberal mainstream media turned this case of a white juvenile male shooting three white attackers into racism. Somehow, a person bearing arms intent on safeguarding a car lot became a white supremacist with a firearm hunting people of color. The FACT that none of that happened or was true remained insignificant to print and broadcast journalists, who spewed false narratives and hate-filled diatribes against a boy who was guilty of nothing more than saving himself from three thugs. To say that Kyle Rittenhouse is automatically guilty because he went to Kenosha and armed himself against potential danger is ridiculous. It is akin to implying that anyone, anywhere, at any time who is legally armed is committing a criminal act if they use their firearm in self-defense because they traveled into a neighborhood where they didn't live and should have known that being armed would incite criminals to attack them. That is exactly what the prosecution tried to convince the jury of in its efforts to convict Rittenhouse.

But this case was not really about the guilt or innocence of Kyle Rittenhouse. It was an attack by mainstream liberal media on people in this country who own firearms. It was a clear message that if you legally own a firearm and use it to protect yourself or your loved ones, the liberal media will do everything in its power to destroy you, your reputation, and put you in prison for the rest of your life. Such are the debased values of a media hellbent on the destruction of America as we know it. No logic, no reason, no common sense. This is how we think and feel, and if you oppose us you are the enemy and must be destroyed.

If you grew up hunting and target shooting, as I did, you have an appreciation for firearms and an understanding of the responsibility of gun ownership. There is more to firearms than shooting. We all know the maintenance that goes into owning one, along with the safety and respect we practice in handling them and teaching others how to use them.

My wife and I each own an AR-15 with red dot sights. We love to target shoot. It is a relaxing sport that requires concentration but also serves the dual purpose of honing our shooting skills. In addition to the AR's we also have several pistols, shotguns and other rifles. Does that make us bloodthirsty racist killers? There are some idiot twit left- leaning liberals who think so, but that twisted value system is merely a reflection of a subpar intellect and a refusal to comprehend that there might actually be people in this world who think and feel differently from what the out-of-control liberal mainstream media preaches.

I have no doubt that the liberal media will pressure the White House to order a civil rights investigation into this matter, because nothing says progressive liberalism like pouting because a boy tried as an adult wasn't put away for the rest of his life. This is the typical petty, vindictive, hate-filled approach that defines progressive liberals today. And that weak, goofy, senile excuse for a president occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will most likely go along with it.

In closing, I am optimistic that Kyle Rittenhouse will pursue a civil action against the state of Wisconsin for malicious prosecution, and the media for libel and slander. I hope he soaks their sorry asses for hundreds of millions.


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