The Inroad Of Truth

In the aftermath of the debacle at the Capitol, liberals, nationally and locally, have nobly spoken out regarding crimes committed on the grounds of that historic institution, and called for those who protested to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, with the Speaker of the House going so far as to attempt for a second time the impeachment of a President who has just a few days left in his term.

The awakening of liberals concerning crimes of violence and destruction is overdue, especially when one considers their silence, and apparent blindness, over the past several months as major cities traditionally controlled by liberal politicians were burned and looted night after night for weeks and then months on end. Federal property and federal agents in those cities were attacked, and yet liberal politicians had nothing more to say other than the people had a right to be heard, and even went as far as demanding that law enforcement defending those institutions be expelled from their communities. They even withheld the support of local police.

This apparent double-standard somehow unites a nation.

I was present in Haiti in 2008 when citizens of that country stormed the presidential palace in protest over soaring food prices. I was present in Liberia in 2005 when violent nightly street protests occurred over the election of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, with supporters of George Weah, the famed Liberian soccer star, claiming election fraud due to ballot box stuffing and doctored voting papers (sound familiar?). I was present in Afghanistan in 2004 when Karzai was elected amid protests by fifteen other presidential candidates that his victory was invalid due to evidence of citizens casting multiple votes.

I write this not to impress you with my curriculum vitae, but to acknowledge that citizens of any country should have a right to protest peacefully, and any and all overt criminal acts should be prosecuted regardless of politics. But somehow liberal politicians fail to grasp that context. They are only concerned with what benefits them personally. Joe Biden had nothing to say for months about destruction in American cities until he saw that his silence was negatively affecting his polling numbers. Local liberal politicians who have called for defunding the police are cut from the same bolt of cloth as they obediently fall in line with party politics.

What happened at the U.S. Capitol was despicable. It mirrored what I've seen in third-world countries, the absolute disregard for standards of civility, decency, and rule of law. But that was a one-day protest. Liberals who ignored violence and destruction for months on end in major cities now clamor for the immediate prosecution of those involved at the U.S. Capitol, even the majority of citizens who did nothing more than stand on the Capitol steps singing the national anthem. Liberals call those actions unpatriotic, and in pressing for criminal charges wrap themselves in the national banner in a display of indubitable patriotism.

To quote Samuel Johnson: Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.


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J.R. Lonsway served 22 years with the Las Cruces, New Mexico, police department and retired as a Deputy Chief of Police. After retirement he served with the U.S. Department of State as a police advisor in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Liberia, Haiti, Lebanon, and South Sudan. He is a former U.S. Marine.

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