Taking A Break

I have not blogged in almost two months and for good reason.

Between May 2014 and December 2019 I published six books. Book writing is what I love and it also provides me with monthly royalties. Those royalties, meager as they may be in some months, dwindle when books are not being published. Blogging provides no income but was something I undertook on a regular basis in the spring of 2020 following the unjust charges against former LCPD officer Chris Smelser.

I was incensed at the injustice done to Smelser by his own department, the DAs office and, later, the State AG. The so-called leadership of the LCPD sold him out and the DAs office played politics with his case in the aftermath of the George Floyd incident by charging him with the murder of Antonio Valenzuela. I sincerely think that the DAs office realized it had gotten in over its head regarding its political shenanigans and proffered the case to the NMAG (why else would they charge a cop with manslaughter and within a few weeks suddenly give the case up to the state?). The NMAGs office, no different a political machine in Santa Fe than any other state capital, pounced on political opportunity without hesitation and charged Smelser with 2nd degree murder.

The politicians mentioned above were so eager to promote themselves that none of them solicited the opinion of the forensic pathologist who would eventually testify at Smelser's preliminary hearing. The good doctor mentioned that, while the cause of death was homicide, she could not say that the chokehold Smelser had on Valenzuela was what caused his death. What she did say was that she had done autopsies on people who had overdosed with much less methamphetamines in their systems than what Valenzuela had in his.

Blogging on this case consumed time and energy. In turn, I began writing about other issues, blogging more and more on the liberal stupidity so pervasive in our country today. There's no shortage of idiots out there who are hell-bent on taking everything good that this country has built and destroying it in the name of political correctness. Many of them hold public office at the local, state and national level. They sincerely believe that if someone is shooting at a police officer, or attacking them with a deadly weapon, the best way to handle it is with a conversation. And they have no problem with people looting, burning and destroying cities, in addition to assaulting law enforcement, during demonstrations they label "peaceful."

I realized after a year that I was wasting my time. Stupidity is not curable. I could blog til the cows come home, but the bottom line is I'd rather be writing books. It is a far more enjoyable and relaxing manner in which to spend time, plus I need to keep those royalties up because that equates to fine cigars and good whisk(e)y!!

I will still blog from time to time. The Smelser case is ongoing, and in yesterday's newspaper there was an article on LCPD being down 25% on officers. They have an authorized strength of 202 officers and only have 148. Hardly anyone wants to be a cop. It is difficult enough to recruit people for a job that is dangerous and involves working weekends and shifts, much less having to worry about some asshat vote seeking politician charging an officer with a crime because they think it looks good on their résumé when they run for the next highest office.

Semper Fi.


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