New Mexico Mask Mandate Ends

The indoor mask mandate ended yesterday afternoon, February 17, 2022. Governor Lujan-Grisham reported that the number of infections from Covid were on the decline and she no longer viewed mandatory masks as necessary. Coincidentally, the governor is running for reelection this year and the primary is in June. Are her actions politically motivated?

I checked daily new cases in New Mexico, and here is a sampling for 2022:

Feb 17: 989 cases Feb 16: 1,036 cases Feb 1: 1,765 January 15: 5,313

Now look at 2021:

Feb 15: 190 March 15: 177 June 30: 58 August 15: 590

Here is 2020:

April 16: 113 May 15: 159 Sep 1: 108 Oct 16: 812 Nov 19: 3,665 (year high)

Why weren't we maskless one year ago? Restaurants were opened, then closed, opened again, closed again. Business owners lost what they had built, and their employees lost their livelihoods. The numbers eventually spiked, obviously because of the Delta variant and then Omicron, but viruses mutate and health experts knew that. NM continued to shut down business and required masks to be worn while other states were open for business and had no worse Chinese virus numbers.

At the end of this article there will be a link to a four-part article written by a Canadian physician. Please read it. It goes in-depth in exploring the reasons why many people refused to get vaccinated and it explores the relationship between the science/medicine, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the progressive liberal narrative that promoted the conditions Americans have been forced to live through for the past two years, including falsehoods being pushed by a liberal media that many still believe today.

Here are some facts: the Chinese virus vaccine is only effective for approximately 5-7 months. The country of Israel, a model for vaccine compliance, found after one year that people who had been vaccinated were getting Covid at a higher rate than the unvaccinated. Long after this became public information, Biden and many liberal governors pushed for mandatory vaccine compliance and termination from employment for those who refused. It is still going on today.

It normally takes the FDA 7-10 years to approve a vaccine of any sort; this vaccine was pushed through in a matter of months with a guarantee that if you got vaccinated you would not get Covid (remember that?).

More facts: conventional cloth and paper masks, which most of us wore because we were told to leave the N95 masks for health professionals, provide little protection from the spread of Covid.

94% of deaths from the Chinese virus have been people with co-morbidities and nearly 80% of those deaths were people over 65 years of age. Social distancing helped, as did frequent hand washing, but most importantly keeping the hands away from the face when in public places.

Millions of human beings have a natural immunity to Covid. It would be wonderful to see a home test that evaluates a personal susceptibility to the virus.

The old saying "you don't know what you don't know" applies to the past two years. I understand why we had to close businesses, mask up, social distance and make a choice about being vaccinated. What I do not understand is why, after mounting evidence showed that certain precautions were failing, the American people had to be pawns in a political back and forth between opposing parties.

My purpose in writing this article isn't to point out how much science and medicine got wrong, but I am thankful that there are physicians and scientists our there with credibility who are not afraid to speak up. I cannot say the same about Big Pharma, Big Tech, politicians and media who promoted falsehoods and shut down anyone with an opposing viewpoint, even those with the credentials to back up what they were saying. Censorship in a democracy is shameful.

This leads us to the repealing of the mask mandate in New Mexico, which has political motivation written all over it.

I will vote accordingly.


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