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Human Trafficking & Liberals

Ask a progressive liberal how they feel about human trafficking and the response is predictable: a horrible crime that strips human beings of their dignity, and those perpetrating it should be punished to the maximum. Great answer. Why, then, do liberals promote the very policies that encourage this crime?

Another tractor trailer rig found with dead illegals inside of it, this time in San Antonio with a death count currently at 51. That is about half of the people who were inside the trailer which contained men, women, boys and girls. So far authorities have identified the dead as being from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, with 19 of the deceased still unidentified.

But liberals demand open borders and encourage anyone who wants into the USA to come. They decry immigration enforcement as inhumane but have no issues with cartels making thousands of dollars per head cramming people into the trailers of big rigs, or forcing those crossing illegally to carry drugs in backpacks northward on threat of death. They overlook the systematic sexual assaults thousands of women suffer coming north through hostile lands filled with criminal opportunists preying on the weak and vulnerable, and children being abandoned in the desert by smugglers.

Liberals like to pretend that the USA is bad because it is the only country in the world with immigration enforcement but, in fact, every country in the world enforces security at their borders and for good reason. Without border policing and immigration enforcement, security is destabilized. Even the United Nations recognizes a country's responsibility to its citizens to protect its borders. One of the top priorities in every UN mission I served in was the establishment of border police, but in the United States the Border Patrol is the bad guy because the liberals portray them as such.

The Idiot-in-Chief who created this problem had this to say about the deaths in San Antonio as he pledged to crack down on human traffickers in the wake of the tragedy:

"Exploiting vulnerable individuals for profit is shameful, as is political grandstanding around tragedy, and my administration will continue to do everything possible to stop human smugglers and traffickers from taking advantage of people who are seeking to enter the United States between ports of entry,"

I'm pretty sure Border Patrol is the answer here with regards to stopping human smugglers between ports of entry but since Biden's administration has essentially turned BP agents into Uber drivers we all know his statements are nonsense. Good to see that Biden missed that one completely and that his misguided priorities suggest that anyone who dare says anything negative about the catastrophe he created at the border is held in the same esteem as smugglers & cartels. More illegals will come, more will die, but I'm sure it will all work out because Joe put Kamala in charge of the border. I rest easy at night knowing that Vice-President Cackles, who actually made a single trip to the border one year ago this week, is in command.

The great divide in this country over immigration enforcement, like many other issues, comes from two positions: those who are capable of logical, rational thought, and those who cannot see beyond the end of their progressive liberal noses.

Semper Fi.


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