Haitian Illegal Immigrants, the Border Patrol & Liberal Whining

I don't know who is in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue but it isn't that guy who cannot complete a sentence and is forbidden from dealings with the press by his own White House staff. Biden is clearly in the early stages of dementia, the entire nation can see it, and national and international policymaking is suffering for it.

The latest whining and pining comes after Border Patrol agents on horseback prevented Haitian immigrants from illegally entering the USA via Mexico. I'm not a horseman, and apparently neither are the liberal whiners in Washington who saw agents using long reins to control their horses and decided that those poor Haitians were being whipped! Turns out that people who know a thing or two about horses and controlling them clearly saw what whiny crybabies couldn't see through their tears: split reins are used by experienced riders to control horses with either hand, especially when quick movements are necessary (for instance, people trying to run away from or around an agent on horseback). In other words, the rider is using the reins to cue the horse on direction, and it is a common technique used among horsemen (and women) who ride for pleasure or competition.

All the agents viewed in the video and photographs doing their jobs are now on desk duty and facing potential disciplinary action because Dementia Joe and Heels Up Harris, falling in line with their liberal constituents, interpret the actions of the agents as racism. Long reins, also known as Western reins, are now whips used to beat black illegal immigrants and the whole nation needs to feel ashamed. The photographer who took the photos said the agents did not whip the immigrants and the chief of the Border Patrol, who has ridden horse patrol, explained that the agents use long reins to control the horse so as not to injure any migrants. The Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, agreed with the chief until the following day when Kamala Harris expressed her outrage at the photos and then Mayorkas reversed himself and said he was offended, too.

See how that works? Based on that spineless bit of political pandering, those agents are now guilty of the worst crime of all: offending a liberal. Months ago Heels Up Harris was appointed to solve the crisis at the border and it only took her three months and one day to arrive. When she got to El Paso she took a brief tour of the processing facility and then left. She missed Del Rio by several hundred miles, and the Lordsburg/Arizona sectors as well, but why go to where the action is when you can get on your jet and avoid it?

I served two years in Haiti as a police advisor. The country is a narco state, its politicians are corrupt to the core, there are violent gangs, the people are living in poverty, and yes I feel sorry for them. But being poor and living in a shithole country does not qualify anyone to come to the USA, much less illegally. If the only qualification for coming here is seeking a better life because there is poverty, crime and a corrupt government from whence they came, then we had best prepare to open our borders to almost every country on the African continent, parts of Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

Most of the Haitians were already in Brazil and other South American countries. Some left Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010, others moved on the promise of jobs when Brazil hosted the 2016 Olympics. Shame on every American politician and liberal twit out there for giving false hope to these people with promises of citizenship and a better life. Accounts given by Haitians who made the dangerous journey north were that they were frequently robbed by bandits in different countries and the women were raped.

This is Joe Biden's legacy. He has created a political situation at the border that has overwhelmed available resources, and instead of accepting responsibility for it he names a do-nothing Vice-President as Border Czar and blames Border Patrol agents for performing the duties of their office.

This country is rapidly turning into a liberal circus and an international embarrassment.


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