This past week, the United States Senate voted 100-0 against defunding the police in this country.

A couple of months back, during the national hysteria of defunding the police that was spearheaded by certain organizations, media figures, and politicians supporting the cause, I wrote that I was hopeful it was nothing more than campaign rhetoric designed to get votes.

Apparently, it was.

A Rasmussen poll in July 2020 showed that only two out of ten people supported defunding the police. That is an indication that 80% of Americans possess common sense and 20% live in an imaginary world of make-believe.

Years ago a friend from childhood asked me what cops do to try and win over those who do not like law enforcement.

"Nothing," I replied.


I explained to him that there are people in communities who hate the police for whatever their personal reasons. Often those feelings are based on a negative interaction with law enforcement, for others it is fed into them from birth. We don't waste time, energy, or resources trying to win them over. They have convinced themselves that we are the enemy and will do battle with us at the drop of a hat.

I'm not necessarily speaking of people in economically depressed neighborhoods, either. Those who dislike the police for whatever their personal motivations generate from all social and political factions and affluences, and the attacks on us are not always physical assaults but behind the scenes manipulation and chicanery. I always had far more respect for the guy who wanted to throw blows with me in the street simply because he hated cops versus the politician or journalist who had an axe to grind based on a personal dislike of cops and used that position to discredit and denigrate law enforcement.

It is for these reasons that police departments hold their officers to the highest standards of professionalism and insist that interactions with the public be fair and impartial no matter the social standing of the individual involved. And it works. Rule of Law is an essential element in the success or failure of any democracy and to defund those who enforce it undermines its credibility and effectiveness.


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