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TWENTY is an unapologetic, politically incorrect, and often irreverent look at a 22-year career that gives the reader a glimpse into the mindset of a police officer serving in patrol, narcotics, and criminal investigations, and rising through the ranks to retire as a Deputy Chief of Police. These notable vignettes range from the humorous, to the deadly, to the somber. TWENTY shows cops as they really are, from their domestics, to their drinking and philandering, along with tremendous acts of courage and shameful cowardice.

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How do crooked cops, a corrupt mayor, an unethical police lieutenant, and a murdered stripper all tie in together? That is the question Detective Bela Garcia must find the answer to in The Mack Daddy Affair.

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A gripping tale of a father's descent into hell to find his kidnapped daughter.

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When a prominent attorney named Jack McPherson is found stabbed to death, Detective Bela Garcia, the only female Detective on the Las Palmas Police Department, identifies the prime suspect in the killing: the victim’s mistress. But, during the course of the investigation, she discovers that the murdered attorney had numerous sexual liaisons with a variety of women over the years of his marriage. So many, in fact, that Bela begins to wonder if Mrs. McPherson isn’t the suspect—and if she doesn’t have a lover herself.

Hampering her investigation is a profane, sarcastic, overbearing Lieutenant who has been newly appointed to command the LPPD Criminal Investigations Section—and who also happens to be her ex-husband. He makes it no secret that he views her as incompetent, and does everything within his power to undermine her credibility and make her life miserable.

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A tale of love, loss, faith, hope and redemption, and of one family's devotion to each other through adversity.

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Two victims of homicide, both male, are found shot to death in a train yard with one common denominator: they are from Mexico and in the U.S. illegally.Detective Bela Garcia and her fellow Detective John Bosch are on the trail of two murder suspects in the southwest desert city of Las Palmas, New Mexico, with no leads and no known motive for the slayings. While they track down witnesses and wait for Crime Lab results, three other illegal immigrants are murdered.Complicating Bela's investigative effort is her supervisor and ex-husband, Lt. Larry McNeeley. Misogynistic, racist, and underhanded, he misses no opportunity to undermine the credibility of his former spouse.In this second book of the Bela Garcia series, the author takes the reader through the intricacies of a homicide investigation as detectives work with a drug dealing informant, uncooperative witnesses, a sleazy newspaper reporter, and false leads in an effort to find two killers before they can murder again.

J.R. Lonsway served 22 years with the Las Cruces, New Mexico, police department and retired as a Deputy Chief of Police. After retirement he served with the U.S. Department of State as a police advisor in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Liberia, Haiti, Lebanon, and South Sudan. He is a former U.S. Marine.

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